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At last! ‘Logan’ director James Mangold has returned to Twitter with another in his increasingly regular teases for the hotly anticipated film.

Mangold’s Twitter teasess have previously included storyboard excerpts and photos of cast members like Patrick Stewart as an aged Professor X and Stephen Merchant as Caliban, both in full makeup. But this latest teaser is the big one. That’s right, Wolverine himself, as played by Hugh Jackman.

Judging by that photo, everyone’s favorite mutant has definitely seen better days. It’s not just from the haunted look in his eyes that makes this clear, but the scars on his face. Though we can only begin to speculate at what it may have been, something has obviously gone horribly wrong for Logan since the happy ending seen in ‘Days of Future Past’. At an absolute minimum, Logan’s appearance in this photo should remove any doubt that something has compromised his healing factor. This could be a coincidence, but it could also indicate a thematic connection to Mangold’s previous work with the character in ‘The Wolverine’, which focused on an attempt to steal Logan’s ability to heal and as a result one of his signature powers working at a diminished capacity for much of the film.

Based in part on Mark Millar’s acclaimed ‘Old Man Logan’ storyline, ‘Logan’ follows an aging Wolverine as he must overcome his demons and confront an existential threat to mutantkind Due for release on March 3, 2017, the film sees both the return of James Mangold, who previously directed ‘The Wolverine’, and the departure of Hugh Jackman from the franchise. In addition to Jackman, the film’s cast includes Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart, Elise Neal, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Richard E. Grant.

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