If you are a fan of independently made science fiction then you’ll be wanting to check out Recursor.TV sooner than later. Recursor is a new streaming network with a focus on the genre we love made by independent filmmakers from around the world. The network was founded last year by E.J. Kavounas, Edouard de Lachomette, and Steve Tao with a mission to give us curated content by filmmakers with a focus on areas such as military science fiction, artificial life, augmented reality, time travel, and space operas. While SyFy has been doing great at bringing us new series once again there has long been a hole left where new voices had a showcase for their work that the masses could check out and Recursor is hoping to plug that gap.

According to Kavounas:

“This is a golden era for hard science fiction, and we’re thrilled to be premiering the first video platform devoted to the genre. Recursor showcases cutting-edge work by independent filmmakers and artists in an environment designed to deeply engage audiences.

While other platforms cater to audiences of horror, comedy, and animation, we felt that despite the enormous passion people have for high-quality science fiction, there was no dedicated alternative for these viewers. We are enabling the accessibility to powerful creative tools for talented filmmakers who are creating brilliant science fiction all over the world.”

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more and am happy to see a company that will hopefully step up to give us a new outlet for watching original science fiction!


Recursor will source and curate short films and proof of concepts as well as produce their own in-house sci-fi web series. Their  first original series, “Nina Unlocked” has already debuted with the first episode which you can watch here. From the show’s logline,  ‘Nina Unlocked’ follows “Nina, an autonomous android, seeks out experts to unlock the mystery of her existence” and stars Lana McKissack in the lead role.

From original content to taking suggestions for original Recursor films, the network has a lot on its plate and could easily be a hub for science fiction fans the world over.

Are you planning on following Do you this that this is a network which you’ll be wanting to check out for the foreseeable future? Share your thoughts below!

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