‘Falling Skies’ – the Spielberg alien hit of 2011 – is back! Season 2 premieres on TNT this Sunday, June 17 at 9P.M. ET but we don’t have to wait to get a dose of Skitter! See the first explosive battle riddled three minutes of Sunday’s episode.

Season 2 opens 3 months after Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) willingly walks onto the alien transport. Our band of brothers, the 2nd Mass, are riding through a dark worn-torn city closely followed by angry Skitters and their heavily armed Mechs. A chaotic battle ensues! Guns firing! Lasers blasting! Skitter parts flying in the air! The most astonishing thing to see is Tom’s son Ben jumping out a two story window like he’s jumping off the front porch! He’s looking every bit a Rambo when he rams his blade right into a Skitter throat. This is going to be a great episode!

Although we shared this video a few months ago, we believe it derserves another look before this weekend’s premiere.