There is an incredible amount of anticipation for the premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, which is set to come back in less than 2 weeks. In order to help build on that anticipation and get fans prepped for what is to come, the creative forces behind the show have decided to air a two-hour special on AMC on Sunday October 16th, titled ‘The Journey So Far.’ The special will feature many alums of the show going all the way back to the first season, and highlight many of the casts’ journey along the way, until the fateful moment when they are all under the gun, waiting to see which one Lucille the bat is going to come down upon.

AMC has decided to release a sneak peek of the special (check it out below), which gives us a little behind the scenes feature of a pivotal scene from Season One, when Glenn and Rick escape from downtown Atlanta by figuring out they can hide their scent by smearing zombie blood all over themselves. The clip features series alum Laurie Holden who brought Andrea to life early in the show, as well as writer/creator Robert Kirkman, Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun who discuss those early days on set and realizing what their experience playing with zombies was going to be like.

And of course, one week after ‘The Journey So Far’ special airs, we will finally see the 66 minute Season 7 premiere and find out who exactly was killed in the finale of last season. The premiere will then be followed by a 90 minute ‘Talking Dead’ special with the entire cast from the Negan scene including Negan himself and also featuring Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple, all of whom I am sure are eager to talk about that scene, keeping that secret, and the consequences for the show.

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