New York Comic Con 2016 is well underway! NYCC is the biggest fandom event on the east coast, and every year the con is flooded with Cosplayers sporting some of the best costumes seen at any convention all year! New York Comic Con is home to both amateurs and professional Cosplayers, so it’s the best place to see some truly awe inspiring costumes! Luckily for those of you who can’t be there, Team ScienceFiction is coming to you live from The Con with our favorite Cosplay photos of the day each day!

Check out our full Round Two Cosplay Gallery from New York Comic Con 2016! We’ve got a ton of your favorite characters from all across the various fandoms!



14614503_10157602036480252_132388271_oEnchantress & Harley Quinn

14600784_10157602037475252_1047106996_oGhost Rider

14618693_10157602035995252_997551906_oCaptain Hyrda

14572094_10157602035025252_1968790057_oThe Shredder

14572035_10157602036605252_2109502473_oLex Luthor

14572003_10157602036680252_1038711269_oHan Joko & Princess Harleia


Black Panther

14600769_10157602037070252_1513689140_oFreakette & Freakzoid

NYCC 2016 cosplayPoison Ivy

14600680_10157602035685252_59074657_oThe Wasp





14585733_10157602035350252_1038053187_oProfessor Pyg


  14572524_10157602036890252_3025409_oUltimate Spiderman Miles Morales


14572616_10157602035235252_1941666936_oLex Luthor

14625785_10157602036525252_783115992_oWe Are Robin

14585813_10157602036980252_24880786_oMr. Freeze & Tuxedo Mask


14550899_10157602036665252_1333508270_oDoc Brown

NYCC 2016 cosplayCatwoman & The Joker

NYCC CosplaySpace Ghost

14536782_10157602037545252_127375950_oScarlet Witch


DC Bombshells Batwoman



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