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While he didn’t give a release date, Hugh Jackman has promised that a ‘Wolverine 3‘ reveal was coming soon. We don’t know much about the film other than it is loosely based on the ‘Old Man Logan’ story arc which in the comics had an older Wolverine who had given up in a world where the superheroes lost. Jackman also teased  that we’ll be learning more “in the next week or so” which I suspect means New York Comic-Con and has also hinted at a “very different” tone in what will be his last outing as Wolverine.

Assuming he didn’t secretly film some footage for ‘Deadpool 2‘ that is.

According to Jackman:

“We’ve finished shooting. I just saw [director] Jim Mangold today. He’s editing away and finishing that. I’m very, very excited about it. There’s going to be some stuff coming out in the next week or so. That’s all I’ll say. I’m not good. I’m the kind of person who tells everybody everything. Basically, it’s going to be different. Very different in tone and hopefully different to anything we’ve done.”

We know that Patrick Stewart will be reprising his role as Professor X for possisbly the last time as well in the film as they go up against Mister Sinister. No word as to if they’ll be sticking to the story arc that the comics had given us though it would be somewhat difficult to pull off parts of it with how few villains the cinematic X-Men have had compared to the entirety of Marvel’s catalog of foes.

Oh, did I say NYCC? How about Jackman couldn’t wait until I was done writing the post to share this tweet with the poster below!


To add to the tease, director James Mangold tweeted this image of page 2 of the screenplay with the ‘Logan’ watermark:

So the third and final ‘Wolverine’ movie will simply be titled ‘Logan’. That young girl’s hand is bound to be either a daughter or X-23 clone if rumors of Laura’s appearance prove to be true.

Are you looking forward to ‘Logan’? How do you think they plan on adapting the Old Man Logan story arc for the X-Men Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Wolverine 3’ will have Jackman popping his claws for one final time on March 3, 2017.


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