Sigourney Weaver has long been a household name when it comes to genre films, thanks in no small part to her roles in such classics as ‘Alien‘ and ‘Ghostbusters’. Even after all this time, she is nothing if not busy, with commitments ranging from Neill Blomkamp’s long-gestating ‘Alien 5‘ and James Cameron’s even longer-gestating ‘Avatar‘ sequels to any number of lower profile projects. And if Weaver’s recent comments are anything to go by, she may just be getting busier still.

In an interview with ‘Wired‘ that broadly focused on her career and the state of women in Hollywood, Weaver let slip a few remarks that suggest she may now be involved with a project connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In her own words:

“To me, a good movie you cannot generalize. I have been watching, for whatever reason, some Marvel movies, and they cast really good actors.”

But that could mean anything, right? Maybe she just likes the movies and – like many of us – indulges the occasional Marvel binge. Certainly anything is possible. But what really raised eyebrows was what came next. When asked why she’d been watching so many Marvel movies, Weaver replied, “I can’t tell you!” before noting her admiration both for what Marvel has accomplished with their films and the performers bringing them to life.

While Weaver’s response, of course, does not confirm her involvement with the MCU, it doesn’t exactly deny it either. Assuming she has been tapped for an appearance, the most likely candidates (given Marvel’s current production schedule) would seem to be ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ or ‘Captain Marvel’, though ‘Avenger: Infinity War’ is also a possibility.

In addition to the widely praised casting of many of their lead roles, Marvel’s Phase Two films in particular developed a reputation for featuring veteran actors in supporting roles, casting Glenn Close in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, Robert Redford in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, and Michael Douglas in ‘Ant-Man’, among others.

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