Judge Dredd‘ co-creator John Wagner shared some sad news this weekend by telling us that Fox had passed on a ‘Judge Death’ film. In 2012 fans of the character were shocked when Karl Urban was able to truly bring Dredd to life in a way that no one expected but poor marketing paved the way to a bad box office reception. While a cult following developed after the movie was released on home video and VOD, it looks like this initial outing into the world which started out in 2000 AD could have included the character after all though with what we’ve learned it is doubtful he would show up in ‘Dredd 2.

Sadly, fans of the Dark Judges probably won’t be getting to see the characters if a sequel does happen. Fox shot that idea right down when the first film was being pitched as they wanted nothing to do with it.

According to Wagner:

“That was actually the first script that Alex Garland did was a Judge Death script but Fox, who they were dealing with at the time, turned it down. They wanted more nuts and bolts before they went into the [metaphysical].”

That doesn’t mean that a sequel is out of the question, though. However, who is involved with it would be completely up in the air:

“Well, there will be a sequel, I just don’t know when or who’ll do it but it’ll happen.”

One common trend these days is to take things like this to TV where an ongoing story is more plausible and Wagner was asked about that:

“It would work very well as a television show – it just depends on how it’s done. It could work very as a film. I mean – everyone wants to see Judge Death, don’t they?”

It sounds like regardless of what happens if another film is made it won’t be with the Dark Judges.

If you want to watch the interview directly you can check it out below!

Are you sad that we’ll probably never get to see Judge Death on the big screen in a follow up ‘Judge Dredd’ movie? What are your thoughts on another reboot of the franchise but in televised format? Share your thoughts below!

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