c0495at70_630509505890_pkg_3_16As Hasbro’s super popular 6″ scale ‘Star Wars: The Black Series’ action figure line continues to grow, the need for ‘army builders’ has been increasing. We’ve been getting wave after wave of amazing new figures of some of our all time favorite characters, but every hero needs their villains, and what better army of villains does the ‘Star Wars’ universe have than the Clone Army? The story of The  Grand Clone Trooper Army Of The Republic is an epic tale that ends in tragedy as the Clone Army is forced to turn against their former allies, The Jedi Knights, as the newly crowned Emperor Palpatine ordered them to “execute order 66” to wipe the Jedi out. Now thanks to our friends at Entertainment Earth, you can recreate this epic moment in ‘Star Wars’ history by adding their exclusive new ‘The Clone Troopers Of Order 66‘ 6″ figure box set to your collection!

This new Entertainment Earth Exclusive box set features four 6″ scale Clone Trooper figures based on their look from ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith’. This is the first time any figures of these particular Clone Trooper Squads have ever been produced in the 6″ scale, so this set is going to be a ‘must have’ for many collectors! Now you can build your own Clone Trooper army to take down the Jedi Knights hiding in your collection (or you could just pretend that ‘Order 66’ never happened and the Jedi and Clones remained friends forever. Whatever works right?).


Each of the four Clone Trooper figures in this set feature newly ‘weathered and battle damaged’ armor for that realistic feel of a battle worn squadron! To make things even better, Hasbro has pulled out all of the stops to make these Clone Troopers as poseable as possible by including double-jointed knees, rocker ankles, bend-and-swivel wrists, and more so that you can get these Clone Troopers into the most dynamic poses you can come up with! Each Trooper also includes their own trusty blaster rifle.

Here’s the full rundown from Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Bring home an entire army in one box with this Star Wars The Black Series Clone Troopers of Order 66 6-Inch Action Figures – Entertainment Earth Exclusive. The set brings you four 6-inch scale plastic action figures in the employ of the Republic. Each features awesome weapons and amazing paint, so you really should pick up a few of them to serve the Jedi – until they decide to move in a different direction. Ages 4 and up.

The Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Action Figures – EE Exclusive includes:

  • 501st Legion Clone Trooper – Vader’s Fist! Blue-striped action figure is ready to serve Anakin Skywalker, and later Darth Vader, during the Clone Wars.
  • 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper – orange you glad Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Clones are here? Standing 6-inches tall, this super-articulated figure comes armed to take aim at threats on Utapau – and eventually one Jedi Master Kenobi.
  • 442nd Siege Battalion Clone Trooper – crush Cato Nemoidia These lean mean green biological fighting machines were sent to crush the Trade Federation stronghold during the final hours of the Clone Wars.
  • Shock Troopers – The Emperor’s squad! Charged with keeping Coruscant and the Emperor safe, these red-clad troopers are ready to help, and also mow down opposition to Palpatine’s New Order.


Don’t miss your chance to pick up this new Entertainment Earth Exclusive ‘Star Wars: The Black Series’ ‘Troopers Of Order 66’ figure 4-pack! Build your Clone Trooper Army today to defend The Republic, and eventually to betray and eradicate The Jedi! This set is currently up for Pre-Order exclusively at Entertainment Earth for just $99.99 with a planned November release date.