The upcoming Activision game starring the Merc with the Mouth himself is set to be released sometime in 2013. The game promises cameos from ‘your favorite X-Men.’

Check out all the sweet Deadpool action below!

Game Screenshots:

Concept Art:

Here’s the Official Synopsis (written by Wade himself):

I, DEADPOOL, am here to tell you about all the awesomeness that is my new video game! That’s right – I’ve taken over High Moon Studios in order to develop the world’s first-ever video game dedicated to yours truly, ME – DEADPOOL! You may know me as the “Merc with a Mouth,” which means there will be plenty of ME talking to YOU in the game, along with ALL of my favorite things: katanas, big guns (and not just these amazing arm muscles – check!), hot chicks, cameos from some of my X-MEN friends (ooh, spandex!), chimichangas, bouncy houses, and of course…ME!!!

‘Deadpool’ will be released on X-Box 360 and PS3 with a rating of M for Mature or ‘Moobs or Merc with a Mouth, or…’ (Thanks, Wade.)