There is a lot that could be said about Mike Judge’s ‘Idiocracy‘ having some real life comparisons right now but instead, we’ll just talk about the fact that for its 10th year anniversary that we’ll be seeing the film get a limited theatrical run! Thanks to Alamo Drafthouse, the network of Art House Convergence Theaters, and chapters from the local League of Women Voters fans will be able to once more see this film on October 4th, 2016.

Those lucky enough to have gotten tickets at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, CA at 6:45 pm PT will get to experience a live Q&A with director Mike Judge and co-star Maya Rudolph who will be on hand to clearly field questions on how this film has turned into the life imitating art kind of reality that we’re currently living in. If you can’t be there to ask any questions,  you’ll be happy to hear that the Q&A will be streamed across the various anniversary screenings of the film.

For those unfamiliar with the film or how it seems to coincide with today’s politics, here is how the Alamo Drafthouse is describing the event:

Ten years ago, satirist Mike Judge told of an impossible future in which our collective intelligence had dropped so low it threatened to destroy the world. In this future, America was run by a corrupt, sociopathic former pro-wrestler with severe anger management issues, and the most popular entertainment in the land was a YouTube-esque video playlist called “Ow My Balls.”

Flash forward to today. We are approaching the end of the most bizarre, absurdist presidential race in U.S. history. Over the past months, thousands have questioned in social media whether IDIOCRACY was actually a documentary. Mike Judge’s sadly prescient film has transcended its cult classic status to become a vibrant and essential facet of this election conversation.

The Alamo Drafthouse, along with the network of Arthouse Convergence Theaters and local League of Women Voters chapters, want to invite everyone to revisit and rediscover IDIOCRACY on the eve of the 2016 presidential election.

Following the screening, there will be a Q&A with director Mike Judge and star Maya Rudolph streamed live from the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. Questions will be taken via Twitter using the hashtag #IdiocracyToday.

If you have seen the film, I’m sure you can see why the circus of this year’s election seems to really have us falling into this kind of a world. From phones that do almost everything for us to Nike’s self-lacing shoes, our society really is on the verge of being able to quickly fall behind the curve from laziness alone!

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

At this time you’ll be able to view the film at any of the following locations with more likely to be added:

  • Aero Theatre, Santa Monica CA
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Ashburn VA
  • Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline, Austin TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, Austin TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane, Austin TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse Village, Austin TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Littleton CO
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Dallas TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Richardson TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse, El Paso TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse Mason Road, Katy TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park, Houston TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Kansas City MO
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Laredo TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Lubbock TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse, New Braunfels TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Yonkers NY
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Omaha NE
  • Alamo Drafthouse Park North, San Antonio TX
  • Alamo Drafthouse, San Francisco CA
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Winchester CA
  • Cine Theatre, Athens GA
  • Cinema Arts Centre, Huntington NY
  • Cinema Detroit, Detroit MI
  • FilmBar, Phoenix AZ
  • IFC Center, New York NY
  • Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor MI
  • North Park Theatre, Buffalo NY
  • Nickelodeon Theatre, Columbia SC
  • Princeton Garden Theatre, Princeton NJ
  • Robinson Film Center, Shreveport LA
  • State Theatre, Traverse City MI

If you want the latest list be sure to check in at Alamo’s ‘Idiocracy’ listing!

Are you planning on checking out ‘Idiocracy’ on the big screen? Do you feel that this election cycle could lead us closer to the reality found in the film? Share your thoughts below!

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