Search for the Next Mythbusters

kyle-hillIt didn’t take long for Science Channel to announce a ‘Mythbusters‘ themed project after Discovery ended the long-running series with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. The new series titled ‘Mythbusters: The Search‘ is set to be a competition show which will be hosted by Kyle Hill. Hill might not be known to most television audiences but runs a very successful YouTube series titled ‘Because Science’ though he has also worked with the Science Channel previously on ‘How To Build… Everything’ so the network has some direct familiarity with his style.

The concept of this competition series is to follow a group of contestants who all want to do everything that ‘Mythbusters’ did from finding fun aspects of science in media and building items to prove or disprove them. The goal for the series is so that the network can find “the next mythbusting superstars” which will surely lead into a full on ‘Mythbusters’ reboot assuming they can find a group of winners on the show.

Each week they’ll be following the format of ‘Mythbusters’ and using science to prove or disprove the myths and hopefully be able to properly entertain and educate at the same time.

With ‘Mythbusters’ only being taken off the air in March it really seems like a quick turnaround for a reboot and may have looked better if the networks had found a way to directly run into the new season unless they are gearing up for some major changes with how the show will function. Though, if the contest-styled show proves successful they may even use it to rotate out hosts or a secondary build team every season which could prove to be an interesting concept.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Mythbusters: The Search’? Do you feel that a new ‘Mythbusters’ series is something that you would be interested in checking out? Share your thoughts below!

We don’t know the exact date but ‘Mythbusters: The Search’ will premiere in 2017.

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