We are less than 1 week away from the release of Marvel/ Netflix’s epic ‘Luke Cage’ series, and to prepare audiences for what is to come, they have released a new trailer for the series, one which clocks in a little shy of three minutes, and showcases a lot of what the plot of the show is really going to be about. We always knew that Cottonmouth was going to be the main villain going up against Luke Cage, with Mariah Dillard working alongside Cottonmouth on the political side of things, but now we know that Cage is going to go to all-out war with that gang, and it will not be pretty for either side. The trailer showcases why Cottonmouth and company go to war with Cage once he starts shutting down their operations and taking their money, and how Cage is working with Misty Knight and being encouraged by Claire Temple to be the hero he has always been, with Claire even telling him at one point:

“There is nothing that can hurt you. So what the hell are you afraid of?”

The trailer has a lot of great action showing off Cage’s invulnerability, and showcasing Mahershala Ali’s role as Cottonmouth, who clearly seems like a formidable opponent even if he and his gang do not have the superpowers to really stand up to Luke Cage. The trailer also treats us with more shots of Claire Temple and Misty Knight, revealing their part of the story and how they will both pushing Luke Cage to be the hero and take down Cottonmouth, especially once he starts going after the ones that Cage cares about. The series looks more and more promising with each trailer released, and I cannot wait to get to binge-watching this weekend when it premieres (and then, of course, coming here and recapping the series).

Are you excited for the series? Check out the trailer for yourself below, and then make sure to share your own thoughts and feelings on the show in the comments section!

All 13 episodes of Season 1 of ‘Luke Cage’ premiere on Sept. 30th on Netflix.