Attention all fans of the SyFy series ‘The Magicians,’ not only is Season two on the way (with a brand new behind the scenes featurette recently released, as well as the first scene from the new series), but it seems that SyFy has also decided to release an UNCENSORED version of Season 1 on, the SyFy now app, and on-demand. While the show is already pretty “adult” the uncensored version basically means you can watch all of season 1 and have the characters use the F-Word as gratuitously as they like, as they make sure to inform you in the promo for the release of the uncensored Season 1.

For anyone not aware of what exactly ‘The Magicians’ show is about, it is more or less a kind of dark and gritty ‘Harry Potter’ series, only Season 1 is based on the first book in the series written by Lev Grossman. The show differs from ‘Harry Potter’ in that there is a lot of sex, a pretty gruesome demon who likes to gouge out eyes, and drugs, though the similarity is that the main characters attend a magical school full of sorcerers. Check out the trailer for the uncensored version below:

After a pretty phenomenal Season 1 (which I am sure is that much better now that the characters are allowed to curse more similar to real High School teenagers), the show has been renewed for a second season, continuing the adventures of siblings Quentin and Julia as they struggle down their unique magical paths. As a treat for the fans, the show has recently released a clip of the first scene of the new season, as well as a short featurette showing casing the cast and sets behind the scenes, both of which you can check out below:

Are you excited for the ‘The Magicians?’ Were you, like me, unaware of this show, and might be willing to give it a shot now that you’ve seen what is is all about? Do you think profanity can make a show better, or is it just a gimmick? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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