One of the most mysterious characters in the ‘Star Wars‘ universe is Yoda and in the upcoming issue #26 of Marvel’s ongoing series we’ll be learning a bit more about this Jedi Master.

Comic book writer Jason Aaron is a master storyteller but even he has to know there is a lot riding on what he is going to be revealing about Yoda. Part of what makes this character so interesting is the lack of details about his past and now that is going to change. As these comics are canon, according to Disney and Lucasfilm, the details we learn here may factor into the larger cinematic story at one point or another.

While we’ll be learning about Yoda, the comic will actually be a story being told about the mysterious Jedi Master from Obi-Wan’s journals that were found by Luke Skywalker:

“Well, you know, we’ve been doing different issues between the arcs, focusing on Obi-Wan. I’ve really liked doing those. They’ve gotten a nice response from fans, people seem like they’ve really enjoyed those. So we’ve liked jumping around to different parts of the timeline like that, and [telling] a story that would connect tangentially, or just in terms of the overall theme but not necessarily vital to our ongoing plot. I kind of wanted to do something like that, but instead of having it be just a standalone issue between the arcs, have it be the actual arc. And of course, I was always trying to figure out a way for us to use Yoda. We’re a bit hamstrung in terms of the time period of our main story because Yoda’s chilling on Dagobah. So this was kind of the only way we could kill all those birds with one stone — to do one story that connects Luke, Yoda, and Obi-Wan all at the same time, while still taking place in three different time periods.”

What is fun, though, is that we’ll be seeing Yoda in an instance that takes place before he is thought of as one of the wisest Jedi of all time – when he isn’t just a master but out in the Galaxy and being an active Jedi:

“The challenge was to do something with Yoda that we hadn’t seen before. I really wanted to see just what it was like when Yoda was going out into the galaxy and being a Jedi. This story takes place before the Clone Wars and it’s set in a world we’ve never seen before. I was always just intrigued by that idea. You know, we’ve seen Yoda as the teacher, as the wise Jedi Master, but I wanted to see Yoda just as the Jedi. So this puts him on a very unusual adventure.

“The other big challenge with Yoda, of course, is finding something that’s a challenge for hm, right? Who can pose a threat to Yoda? I think we came up with an interesting answer to that question. That’s part of the mystery of this story. There’s a very specific reason that this is going to be quite the challenge for Yoda. It’s not a matter of just him being the more powerful Jedi. It’s a bit trickier than that.”


While the story takes place prior to the ‘Phantom Menace,’ it actually won’t be that long before it so that almost might make one wonder if his inclusion in the Jedi Council is a new change when the film kicks off:

“[Laughs] I don’t know if we’ve put a pin in exactly when it takes place. It does take place before Phantom Menace. We do get a brief appearance by Qui-Gon and young Obi-Wan, so that’ll probably help date it.”

Without the atrocities set to come, it also sounds as if we’ll be getting a happier and more playful Yoda:

“No, I think he’s still pretty wise. He’s still the Yoda we know. This is a bit of a different time period for him. This is not post-Phantom Menace, this is not in the new rise of the Sith and the beginning of the Clone Wars, so hopefully his attitude seems a little bit different. I’m always struck, when you go back and watch Empire, by just how funny Yoda is, and how he messes with Luke a lot when they first meet. I like that playfulness to Yoda. So I’m trying to find a balance between the wise, serious Jedi Master and that sort of sense of playfulness.”

Once the look into the past has been caught up, Aaron also shared if we might ever see Yoda make an appearance in these books again:

“That’s right. We probably can’t get him off Dagobah and we probably can’t send anybody to him, but I like the way they used him in Star Wars Rebels. I thought that was really interesting.”


While I doubt they’ll do another flashback sequence past this, it might be interesting to see Yoda project himself out into the Galaxy once again. Of course, with how the events of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ play out it might be an action he no longer feels comfortable with.

Are you looking forward to finding out more about Master Yoda or do you think his past is something that should have been left shrouded in mystery? Share your thoughts below!

Marvel will be releasing ‘Star Wars’ #26 in December of 2016!

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