Generally I get excited when I hear that Mark Millar (‘Superior”The Secret Service’) has a new comic coming out and after seeing this preview for the fantasy world of ‘Reborn’ that he has created with Greg Capullo (‘Spawn’,’Batman’) I can tell you that I am fully invested! The two both have well-established backgrounds in the comic book industry and bringing them together would be reason enough alone to be excited, seeing what they’ve done is an entirely different story.

We’ll be seeing the first issue drop in October and while Millar is being vague about the details he does say that it is his first attempt at fantasy:

“It’s not Heaven or Hell or anything we’ve seen before. The idea simply is that when we’re done here, we show up somewhere else and our main character, Bonnie Black, has a stroke in the opening pages and suddenly finds herself in this magical place that’s a cross between Lord of the Rings and Mad Max. If you’ve lived a good life you appear in one territory, if you haven’t, you appear on the other, and both sides are in conflict with one another. This is where all our dead friends and relatives are waiting for us and Bonnie is thrown right into the mix.”

So we’ll be getting a take on the afterlife but in a fantasy setting. Visually we already know it will be good as Capullo has more than made a mark for himself in the industry by delivering top notch art over the years and Millar says that:

“If you want to do a story filled with monsters and darkness and impossibly cool visuals there’s nobody better than Greg. I think it’s safe to say he’s the hottest artist in the industry at the moment, his Batman run with Scott Snyder just being universally beloved, so it’s amazing to get him and I’m delighted he responded to the material so well.”

There is currently no word as to if Millar has a cinematic deal in the works for ‘Reborn’ but knowing his track record from recent years it wouldn’t surprise me if an announcement was on the horizon. Until we hear about it though here are the first 12 pages without lettering to give us the visual style that we can expect.













Seriously, beautiful. I cannot wait until this hits shelves!

What do you think about the initial look for ‘Reborn’? Does this sound like a fantasy concept that you can get behind? Do you think that a cinematic version is due to be annnounced? Share your thougths below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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