This is just RUMOR at this point, but SPOILER ALERT anyway:

Just days ago, it was rumored that the villains of ‘Ant-Man’ were revealed.  The first was industrialist Darren Cross, head of Cross Technological Enterprises, a rival to Stark Enterprises and Oscorp.  In ‘Ant-Man’ (and the comics) Cross reportedly morphs into a Hulk-like creature.

Meanwhile, his cousin William Cross becomes the villain Crossfire.  That’s two villains that make perfect sense, having a technological background.  And pitting a tiny Ant-Man against a huge behemoth should prove interesting.  But now rumors have surfaced that this may either be false, or there may be more to the story…

It’s been “leaked” that the villain in ‘Ant-Man’ wears a suit of black and gold armor.  Is one of the Crosses being re-outfitted?

Or somehow… is Yellowjacket the villain of the film?

The character of Hank Pym has employed several super heroic alter egos: Ant-Man, Giant Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, Dr. Pym and The Wasp.  In the case of Yellowjacket, this persona was an actual split-personality.  Yellowjacket professed to hate Hank Pym and “stole” and married Pym’s girlfriend Janet Van Dyne.  Yellowjacket had a rebellious, angry edge that Pym had never previously displayed.  It was at this point that Pym hit Janet, one of the most defining events in the character’s history.  Eventually, he reconciled his two personalities, but it was in this identity that Pym was court-martialed and fired from the Avengers after he was blackmailed into betraying them by the villain Egghead.

In the movie, Michael Douglas plays an older Hank Pym, who serves as a mentor to Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang, the new, younger Ant-Man.  Some have speculated that in a twist, it will turn out that Pym is the film’s villain and if so, serving as Yellowjacket would make sense, especially if it’s an alternate personality.

Or it’s possible that the film will cast someone else in the Yellowjacket identity?  Perhaps Darren Cross?

Patrick Wilson and Corey Stoll’s roles in the film have yet to be revealed.  Most are speculating that they will prove to be the villains in ‘Ant-Man’, but there’s one more person that’s been cast whose identity is unknown… Evangeline Lily.

Most assume that she will be playing Janet Van Dyne, but just for the sake of it, I’d like to point out that there was a villainous female Yellowjacket, Rita DeMara.  The character served with the Masters of Evil, a team that destroyed Avengers Mansion and badly injured several of the heroes on that team.

The character ended up helping Captain America and a loose assemblage of heroes during the ‘Evolutionary War’ crossover event, granting her a reserve status in the Avengers.  She later slipped back into villainy, then back to heroism.  However this version of Yellowjacket was rarely utilized and was eventually killed off.  But since it’s comics, she got better.

In the comics, Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp is Hank Pym’s love interest.  But since Douglas’ Hank Pym will be considerably older, does it make sense to recast Van Dyne as Scott Lang’s love interest?  Or should they give him a new partner… perhaps Rita DeMara?

Is it possible Evangeline Lily will turn out to be the big bad of ‘Ant-Man’?  The female Yellowjacket is fairly obscure, but then again, so are Darren Cross and Crossfire.  Anything at this point is possible, but three villains usually seems to be a formula for failure.  We already have two Ant-Men, and now three foes?  Sounds like overkill, but we’ll see.

What do you think?  More rumor mill stuff?  Or will the villain in ‘Ant-Man’ turn out to be Yellowjacket?  And who will be under the helmet?

Source: Badass Digest