Thanks to Empire magazine (who has been getting a lot of exclusive ‘Rogue One’ coverage lately) and Making Star Wars, we have a whole new batch of photos from ‘Rogue One’ to review today, and though they might not be revealing any specific plot points of the film, they definitely gives us a great sense of the characters and the tone of the latest installment of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise.

First of all, these are more or less high-res photos of many of the characters in costume, meaning we can really pick out the details of the costumes, including their weaponry, style choices (a lot of the characters seem to be wearing gloves), and insignia’s, even misleading ones. For example, the photo of Riz Ahmed has him sporting an Imperial logo on his shoulder even though we know he is playing Rebel Alliance pilot Bodhi Rook. (could this photo be of a scene where the team is infiltrating an Imperial outpost using stolen uniforms of the Empire?)

Probably my favorite photo of the bunch is of Ben Mendelsohn as Director Krennic, for two important reasons. Number one, the photo of him making a grand entrance into what is most likely a Star Destroyer is very reminiscent in look to the original trilogy, which is a big reason why I am excited for ‘Rogue One,’ as it is the first of the new films to be directly mimicking the style of the original trilogy. Secondly, Krennic appears to be flanked by Dark Troopers, an Elite Stormtrooper class covered in black that was first created in the old Expanded Universe in the Dark Empire video game series. I would love to see them used in the canon, especially as we have not seen them in live-action before, and I love the added bonus of the Darktroopers looking so much more massive than a regular person (in this case, Director Krennic).

Check out all the photos for yourself below, and than share your thoughts on ‘Rogue One’ in the comments section below!

Star-Wars-Rogue-One-Bodhi-Rook (1)