It is said that you can’t go home again. However, Ash Williams has never really been one to play by the rules, so whether he likes it or not, he’ll be leaving Jacksonville, Florida and heading back to his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan during the second season of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’. Not only that, but the cult horror movie icon played by Bruce Campbell will be forced into a few unwanted and unexpected reunions. Now ahead of the show’s return to STARZ this October, the network has released an all-new behind the scenes look at what’s in store for Ash, Ruby, and the gang.

Following a set of pictures and posters last week, Starz has shared an extended look at season two of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’. In addition to recapping some of the events from last season and catching up with what the various characters have been up to since then, we’re reminded of the events from the first ‘Evil Dead’ movie and introduced to what Ash’s hometown thought of him after that whole ordeal. We also get a glimpse of the gruesome, gory, and groovy action that fans have come to expect from this franchise. Check it out below, followed by a brief synopsis of the second season:

When Baal is released from the underworld, our team will face an enemy more powerful than any that have come before. One with bigger plans than just destroying Ash as well as a secret link to Ruby.

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‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ starring Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Dana Delorenzo, Ray Santiago, Joel Tobek, Michelle Hurd, Ted Raimi, and Lee Majors premieres on STARZ on Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 8:00pm EST.

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