The path along the Road of Kings continues to be dark and dangerous.  Conan and Olivia have made their way to Thessalo.  They land in a seedy bar full of gaming cutthroats.  Conan leaves Olivia in the care of a curvy dancer and sets off to find someone that can help him finance the rest of their journey to Ophir.  The Road of Kings has been expensive.  While Conan is gone, the dancer, Katurah, causes trouble.  Kidnapping, sea monsters, and treachery fill the rest of the pages.

Conan is as fierce as ever.  I’m still diving into the hundreds of pages of past Conan stories but based on what I’ve read, he is surprisingly devoted to Olivia.  I think part of it is something like love and part of it is that he said he would protect her and get her to Ophir.  Given that, I’m not sure why he left her in a sketchy bar with a bottle of strong wine.  The alcohol made the princess act unwisely. 

Overall, I am still really enjoying this series.  Every issue offers a different adventure, and I like seeing how Conan handles the constant obstacles thrown into his path.  And I have to say that the real star of this issue for me was the sea monster.  It lives under the bar, and it looks like an underwater dinosaur – giant and terrifying.