Fans of Liefeld’s ‘Youngblood’ have a huge reason to celebrate as they are heading back to print! Liefeld will be involved in the creation of this new take on his characters but will be working with a couple others to bring his team back to life. First up he’ll be tackling art with Jim Towe who he ended up meeting on Twitter of all places. Towe will bring a vastly different style to the book and one that feels refreshing in bringing them back. On writing Liefeld will be working with Chad Bowers (‘X-Men ’92’) who he also sharing writing duties with on ‘Deadpool’.

While Bowers is a name who has popped up with Liefeld in the past, he actually ended up meeting Towe on Twitter of all places. This is a book that Towe is dying to work on and is his dream assignment. As Liefeld says:

When people say ‘dream assignment,’ you hire them. Because you’re going to get their best efforts.


The full details emerged on this video from Nerdypop:

The new ‘Youngblood’ has a lineup that won’t be too recognizable to most fans and I almost have to wonder if he’s teasing Marvel a bit by adding the “all-new” to the front of the team name. I think the main complaint many had of the original one was the art so it was a bit entertaining and gratifying when Liefeld said of the new iteration that “I didn’t draw it — that’s why it’s good!”


Are you looking forward to the return of ‘Youngblood’? Do you think that the new team will capture fans as much as the original did back in the early 90’s? Share your thoughts below!


Source: Comic Book

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