After several episodes where Alt-Earth was no more than an afterthought, we have a second consecutive week where most of the action occurs in the place dimensional breaches have caused the most damage.

On the heels of last week’s shocking episode, Earth’s Lincoln Lee sits in the car with Alt-Astrid as they watch the funeral procession of Lee’s counterpart. One has to wonder how weird it would be attending the funeral of your doppelganger but Lee shows no real awe of the situation. Fauxlivia and the traitorous Alt-Broyles commiserate with Alt-Lincoln’s parents, promising justice for his death. Back to the imprisoned Nina, Fauxlivia offers her a shorter sentence in exchange for knowledge of the mole within the division that tipped off David Robert Jones (DRJ) on the prisoner transport from last week. Nina refuses to cooperate but delivers a warning to Fauxlivia that things are only going to get worse. Ominous portents that come true not long after her warning.

Back in our world, a manager berates his team, one man in particular, regarding the cancellation of his flight and fudging of a deal before he’s thrown to the ceiling by an invisible force before crashing down on the table, his body broken.  Arriving at the fringe scene, Walter and Astrid have an entertaining conversation about driving when they spot the new couple (Olivia and Peter). Walter displays his fondness for his son and Olivia’s coupling before they jump into the case; two men in the building die at the same time, hoisted to the ceiling by invisible hands before dying on impact with the ground. Walter examines the body and lacerations around the waist of both victims hint at a seat belt. When a third victim is discovered in his apartment with the same injuries, Walter theorizes the wounds are consistent with a plane crash.

Walter arrives on Alt-Earth

On Alt-Earth, Astrid informs Broyles of the plane crash on their side, and the latter eagerly demands more information be given. Fauxlivia enters the room and he dismisses Astrid, commanding her to take possession of the wreckage and bodies. Fauxlivia provides him with a list of potential names of informants for DRJ; she wants surveillance though Broyles is hesitant for obvious reasons. He brushes it aside and tells her of the plane crash that also killed the victims counterparts on the other side. Sounds like it’s time for the Consultant, aka Walter. Olivia escorts Walter over to Alt-Earth before returning, leaving him in the care of Fauxlivia. As she leads Walter away, Olivia and Lincoln talk about her doppelganger’s frame of mind before returning back to our world.

Walter and Lee discuss with Fauxlivia the prospects of what could’ve caused the simultaneous deaths of the men and their counterparts. Walter examines the alt-bodies for the frequency; each world has a different harmonic frequency but the bodies on our side were somehow re-tuned to match; listening to the satellite recording of the flight, Walter surmises that whatever changed the harmonic frequencies of the passengers destabilized the plane. It definitely smells of DRJ who, coincidentally meets with another man who informs him on the results of their experiment. Unfortunately, another experiment will be on its way and more unfortunate victims caught in the wave.

Alt-Earth's Broyles with his wife

Broyles comes home to find DRJ sitting in the living room chatting it up with his son. He gives Broyles medication for Chris and the reason for Broyles’s traitorous cooperation becomes clear. As he leaves, DRJ promises he will be calling on Broyles once again. Meanwhile DRJ’s assistant gets out of a cab, leaving a briefcase in the car. When a woman gets in, we flash between her and her counterpart who, in line at the store is dragged across the floor before slamming against a shelf and coughing up water. The two fringe teams work together while examining the two bodies when Peter finds the briefcase used to trigger the disturbance. It’s a rigged anphilosite (the mineral DRJ stole earlier in the year to open gateways between worlds) device. Walter snaps at Broyles regarding DRJ’s motives, apologizing due to his creating conditions conducive to DRJ’s machinations when he crossed over to save Peter. In a moment of solace, Broyles asks Walter if, given the opportunity, would he do the same thing over again? Pointing out he’s been able to meet his adult son, Walter confesses that he couldn’t see himself doing anything differently. The admission regarding his son no doubt resonates with Broyles.

On the investigation front, Alt-Astrid tells Fauxlivia of the results of her inquiry Broyles approved; nothing was found to be amiss though Fauxlivia believes something isn’t quite right. Broyles meets with DRJ and gives him a device to attach to the bridge responsible for healing both worlds and the Colonel balks until DRJ reminds him who’s helping his son. Broyles shares time with his son and the bonding not only reminds him of what he could be missing but also the weight of the choice on his shoulders.

Walter and Fauxlivia bond

Walter awakes during the night and finds a slightly drunk and depressed Fauxlivia still thinking about the case and her Lincoln’s death. They bond over eggs and Walter suggests Broyles as a potential mole. Fauxlivia plays that card with Nina who confirms Broyles involvement. She shares the info with Lincoln when Alt-Astrid informs the two of Broyles’s disappearing and his subcutaneous tracker being disabled. He’s at the bridge, ready to carry out DRJ’s orders but, in a surprising twist, he’s turned himself in to our world’s Broyles, handing over DRJ’s device in the process.

Walter says goodbye to Fauxlivia, suggesting she not judge her Broyles too harshly. As he did last week, Lincoln remains behind in Alt-Earth to help Fauxlivia catch the bad guys though his love for our world’s Olivia plays a part in him staying on board. Back in our world, Walter theorizes DRJ’s true purpose with the two experiments; he’s searching for the right frequency to link both universes, a frequency that would allow him to collapse both. The next question to arise is quite simply why?

Sometimes a villain’s end game is obvious; they want the money, power, and respect and will stop at nothing to get it. Other times, their motivations have the clarity of muddied water. Though we’ve discovered a part of DRJ’s plan, his true purpose remains behind an opaque curtain. What good is the ability to destroy both worlds if he goes up in flames with it? It reminds me of Michael Caine’s quote in ‘The Dark Knight’ when he tells Bruce Wayne that “some men just want to watch the world burn”. Though DRJ doesn’t seem like the type, there’s a chance he’s just as unhinged as his unyielding eyes suggest. Only time will tell which side of the line he falls on.

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