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With less than 2 months to go until the premiere of all of the CW/DC shows, fans are eager for any new information about the upcoming seasons, especially since the shows are all so interconnected. The longest running show in the Arrowverse, ‘Arrow’ itself, will be entering its fifth season this year, and after a couple of uneven seasons, fans are interested to see if the show will manage to return to its former greatness in the coming season. While fans felt Season 3 went off the rails because of its reliance on Ras Al Ghul and the Lazarus Pit, they also felt Season 4 of the show went sideways due to the heavy reliance on magic and the power of Damien Darhk. Now, with the show runners promising that Season 5 will cut back on the magic and go back to its gritty roots, fans are curious about what exactly that means for the new season.

According to ‘Arrow’ Executive Producer Wendy Mericle during a recent interview with IGN:

“The show was always meant to be a gritty crime drama at its heart. And then Flash came along, and oh my gosh, we have meta powers. And then Damien was, well, we haven’t done magic on the show, let’s try to do that. I think for Season 5, just because it is an answer to Season 1, and we are sort of closing this chapter out, we did want to go back to our roots and figure out what is specific to this show. What is our universe? Go back to, ‘What is Arrow?’”

Mericle then went on to discuss the new big bad for season 5:

“[He’s] not going to have magic, no powers. He has a very personal grudge and axe to grind with Oliver and he’s going to come at him in a really interesting, sociopathic kind of way.”

Lastly, Mericle took a moment to talk about how the “Flashpoint” storyline may affect the characters on ‘Arrow:’

“Flashpoint provides an interesting jumping off point for all the shows this year, in that we have this reset button available to us if we want it. We’ve landed on a few things, but the door is open. That’s the fun part. You can play with it in whatever way, shape, or form you want to. I think it will be small in some ways, and big in others.”

Do you think ‘Arrow’ has a chance of being good this season? Or are its better days behind it? How much do you think the ‘Flashpoint’ paradox will really affect the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant

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