“May the God of Vengeance

Now yield me His place

To punish the wicked.”

 This week’s ‘Grimm’ wastes no time in connecting last week’s cliffhanger, opting to dive right into Monroe’s tribunal under the hateful gaze of the Wesenrein. Using the information they discovered on Acker, Nick and Hank bring Renard up to speed with the knowledge they don’t have much time if they’re to save their friend. As the tribunal begins, the detectives decide to bump up Wu’s involvement, needing him to put the squeeze on Acker, a silent member of the Wesenrein. What better person to set the record straight then the most recent draftee into the world of weird and wonderful Wesen than Hank. He makes it clear to the sergeant that, for things to work, “you have to get to a place where this is the new normal.” Lesson the first is getting comfortable dealing with the woge.

While Monroe does his best fugitive from the tribunal, Wu, thanks to Bud’s woge examples, is ready to be all-in. He interrogates Acker, bringing for the officer’s Wesen nature though, even when Nick and Renard get involved, Acker won’t sell out his Wesenrein brotherhood.

Team Grimm is ready to suit up, kick arse, and take names

Luckily, Juliette and Rosalee are actively doing what they can to find who sold Monroe out. Calling in Bud as well—he’s a busy ice beaver this episode—they pinpoint Suzanne, a plus one to one of the wedding guests and sister to none other than officer Jesse Acker. The discovery arrives just as Nick is becoming more fed up with the restrictions of the law. “This,” he says and tosses down his page, “is getting in the way.” When Juliette relays the information to them, they bring Suzanne into the station and use Acker’s love and fear for his sister’s safety (after all, Nick is a Grimm) to break the Wesenrein member. He points them to Oxbow Park for the tribunal gathering and the gang heads out, hoping they aren’t too late.

In the woods, the tribunal is fast approaching their decision, using a kidnapped Bud to further their case against Monroe for marrying outside his bloodline and befriending a Grimm. Before judgment is passed, he’s given a chance to speak. He castigates the hatemongers, objecting to their sentiments of purity. “Nothing in life is pure,” he rages, “it’s not supposed to be.” Despite the strength and conviction of his words, predictably they are ineffective against such close-minded peddlers of hate. The die is cast for Monroe: death by impaled immolation.

“Some of you will be stupid,” sayeth the Grimm.

Enter the good guys. Pulling up to the scene with guns in hand (and sans badges) they take on the Wesenrein. In the best action sequence of the season, Nick, Hank, and the others give no quarter. Several Wesenrein members give up but, as Nick prognosticates, “some of you will be stupid.” Everyone gets a chance to shine, Juliette most of all when she rages out in full hexenbiest mode. Rosalee and Monroe take out the Grand Master in a two-on-one mauling, the final nail in Portland’s Wesenrein affair.

The battle’s over and Monrosalee celebrate with their friends. After understandable delays, they are finally able to take that honeymoon of theirs. As happy endings go, it’s as good as you’ll get but there’s the future to think about and the biggest news yet to be shared is Juliette’s newest state of being. Only Renard, as shocked as anyone, knows. But as secrets go, this one won’t stay hidden for long.

Team Grimm

  • There are three general series episode types: 1) The filler 2) the plot-pusher and 3) the all-out action fest. This week’s ‘Grimm’ meshed the latter two together in a fast-paced palooza of kick ass fury and snippets of storyline to savor for the remainder of the season. Though the Wesenrein of Portland was torn apart, such an organization has cells throughout the world. We may not see them anytime soon but just because they’re not in front of us, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
  • Throughout his four years as a detective and Grimm, Nick Burkhart has struggled internally on when his responsibilities as a Grimm should trump those of his police duties. He’s closer than ever in realizing the need to push the Grimm aspects to the forefront because, in his world, there are just some things the law just can’t handle. This may bring forth a less forgiving, more primitive version of the Grimm we all know and love, a most interesting concept considering…
  • Juliette’s total transformation. It’s no longer a side effect but a full on condition: Juliette Silverton the Hexenbiest. Not only did she acquit herself quite well during the attack on the Wesenrein (we’ll ignore the stupidity of having an untrained civilian storming the gates, so to speak) but Rosalee’s offhanded comment that Hexenbiest created post-birth can be stronger than the pureblood Biests. Adalind best watch out when she gets back into town because now she and Juliette are on a level playing field.