Well, it seems that the Netflix corner of the MCU is not quite as linear as we first suspected, as Charlie Cox recently revealed during an appearance at Wizard World Chicago. Apparently, events of ‘Daredevil’ season 2 happen concurrently with events of ‘Luke Cage,’ as evidenced by the cross-over character of Claire Temple, and a small cut she is sporting when she meets up with Matt Murdock during Season 2 of ‘Daredevil,’ a cut which will not be explained until we see ‘Luke Cage.’ Hear it for yourself from Charlie Cox:

“One thing that I thought was really cool is that in the second season [of ‘Daredevil’], we had a scene together and in the storyline we hadn’t seen each other for a long time and it takes place at the hospital. Roasario had — Claire Temple has a cut in her eyebrow. So I was like, ‘What is that?’ Apparently it had nothing to do with our world but it’s part of ‘Luke Cage.’ The timeline had been thought through and worked out so that whatever’s going on in ‘Luke Cage,’ which we don’t know, I don’t know, somehow at some point during that show, the next day she’s in the hospital talking to me.”

Rosario Dawson also spoke recently about her own adventures across the Netflix MCU, basically saying that she is not in the know when it comes to timelines and all the storylines, similar to her character, she just shows up when needed, supports the heroes, and then moves on:

“I’ve been signing on every year just on its own… I’ve had a different sort of experience where I really don’t know. And then when I do sign up, I sign up for episodes, but they don’t tell me which shows. So I have no idea — I’m just sort of working and have this question mark for the entire year, which is when are they gonna call me? And for what and how is it going to show up? What I do, I come in pretty late, so I won’t get those first couple episodes. That happened with the second season [of ‘Daredevil’]. When I came on, they didn’t send me any of the previous episodes so I suddenly just came in in the middle of all this insanity and they’re like, ‘You’ll watch it at the premiere with the rest of us.’ My character’s a little standalone in that sense.”

What are your thoughts on ‘Daredevil’ season 2 and ‘Luke Cage’ taking place at the same time? Does it make sense as ‘Daredevil’ season 2 was a late addition to the schedule and all the shows are essentially building up to the ‘Defenders’ and are working on a pre-planned timeline? Share your own theories on the matter in the comments below!

Source: CBR