We recently reported that ‘Fargo’ actor Joey King had signed on to appear in the third episode of the upcoming third season of The CW’s hit ‘The Flash’.  King will portray the character Magenta, a.k.a. Frances Kane, a mutant with the ability to control metal and who served as a supporting character in the comic book versions of ‘The New Teen Titans’ and ‘The Flash’ when Wally West assumed the role.  She was, at times, paired with the villain Girder (played by Greg Finley in the first season, although no word on if he will reappear).

Now, King herself has given fans a tease as to what to expect in the photo below:

Not only is King sporting magenta-colored hair, but striking violet contacts.

In the comics, Frances Kane was a girl who thought her powers were the result of demonic possession.  Through her relationship (and later romance) with Wally West, the third Flash, she maintained a normal life until her powers resulted in her developing a dark alternate persona.

And judging by King’s caption in her tweet, it appears that her take on the character will also keep to the dark side.

It’s still unclear if King’s role will be a one-and-done thing or if she will pop up in multiple episodes.  If she does recur, it is possible she could be incorporated as a love interest with the TV version of Wally West, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, who will adopt the identity of Kid Flash in this upcoming season.

It’s just one picture but what do you think of this take on Magenta?  How would you like to see her fit into ‘The Flash’ TV universe?

Source: CinemaBlend