Well, DC beat her to the punch with ‘Wonder Woman’ getting her own film next year, but the first major Marvel female hero to get her own movie in that cinematic universe will be ‘Captain Marvel’ portrayed by Brie Larson and directed by Elizabeth Wood based on a script by Meg LeFauvre and Nicole Perlman.

Carol Danvers is a major force within the Marvel Comics universe, playing one of the major roles in the current ‘Civil War 2’ comic book.  But when we take things back to her earlier beginnings, comics weren’t so sophisticated and her origin was a bit… derivative.  As modern moviegoers, do NOT expect the same origin in her movie!


Perlman disclosed some inside info on the ‘Captain Marvel’ film, stating:

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a project where I’ve been more mindful about the impact that it could have and the importance of it. She’s such an incredibly kick-ass character and Kelly Sue DeConnick did a great run with her story arc recently. But here’s the thing, if you were just going to do a straight adaptation of the comics, her origin story is very similar to Green Lantern. And obviously, that’s not what we want to do. There’s a lot of reinvention that needs to happen.

“And also, she’s her own person and she’s a great character. We have to be aware of what’s happened in other Marvel film and makes sure that her particular storyline is unique and fun and also fits in within this world that’s going on at the same time. It’s a little bit of an interesting story gauntlet. It’s been good to have a partner. It’s been an incredible experience. If we can pull it off it could be an incredibly important but also really fun and kick-ass superhero film.”

It sounds as if ‘Captain Marvel’ will fit in perfectly with the already established Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Like ‘Black Panther’, there’s a bit more riding on this project than on previous Marvel films, but it sounds as if all parties involved are aware of the large undertaking and are tempering that awareness with a desire to fit into the already crowd-pleasing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Originally, Carol Danvers was a love interest of the male Captain Marvel or Mar-Vell as he is more commonly called nowadays.  She gained her powers through his exploits, but there really hasn’t been a mention of Mar-Vell appearing in the movies.  DeConnick’s books rewrote history somewhat by making a futuristic version of Carol ensure her younger self of gaining the powers that she would eventually need to defend Earth.

At any rate, Larson is set to debut in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ before spinning off to her own movie, which is due on March 8, 2019.

Are you pumped for the first female headliner of a Marvel movie?

Source: i09