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As we saw in the closing moments of ‘The Flash’ Season Two, there are some huge changes coming to the Scarlet Speedster’s world, which also happens to include ‘Arrow’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. But some changes have occurred behind the scenes that resulted in ‘Supergirl’ jumping from CBS to The CW for the Girl of Steel’s second season. And as if that news wasn’t big enough, the network announced a massive four-way crossover is set to happen as well. Although, with Kara Danvers world residing in another dimension, how would that epic event work? The answer may lie in the upcoming Flashpoint storyline. 

According to Bleeding Cool, Barry Allen’s actions will not only affect the Star Labs staff, Team Arrow, or the crew of the Waverider. When he saves his mother, that act will reverberate throughout multiple universes and somehow bring the world of ‘Supergirl’ into the same DC television universe occupied by the three other CW shows. The rumor also states that Barry will be the only one that remembers that the two universes were once separate to begin with and “any remaining continuity issues will be handwaved as a time traveler did it”.

This makes sense for a number of different reasons. First, everyone knows that the nature of Flashpoint changes the game in a big way. Second, since the crossover is most likely set for the midseason, this will be a nice way to lay some groundwork and drop some hints that it’s coming early on in each of the shows’ seasons. And finally, should more crossovers be in the works, the writers won’t have to make any additional stretches since things will be much easier as interdimensional travel won’t be necessary each time they need characters like Supergirl, Superman, or the Martian Manhunter.

With this rumored universe shift on the way, one has to wonder how it happens. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of scientific principles will explain this one. But if you want to take a stab at it, share your thought and theories in the comments below. 

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