We brought you some set pics and videos of Tyler Hoechlin in action from the first two new episodes of ‘Supergirl’ which is swooping over to The CW for its sophomore season.  Hoechlin, formerly of ‘Teen Wolf’, will be guest-starring as Kara’s cousin Clark Kent/Superman.

This first clip does not appear to feature Hoechlin, but rather a stunt double, duking it out with Metallo (also probably a stunt double), the Superman foe known for having a powerful cybernetic body powered by a Kryptonite heart.

You can watch the short, but action-packed clip below:

No actor has been announced as playing Metallo yet.  The character has appeared numerous times in other media including ‘Superman: The Animated Series’ and ‘Justice League Unlimited’ as well as in several animated movies.  Scott Valentine portrayed the villain in live action on ‘Lois & Clark’ in the 90s, and as we know the star of that version of ‘Superman’ Dean Cain portrays Kara’s father Jerimiah on ‘Supergirl’ so it might be a fun wink to fans to stage a little reunion.  More recently, Brian Austin Green played Metallo on ‘Smallville’.

In the comics, Metallo (a.k.a. John Corbett) has connections to Sam Lane, who has appeared on the series, played by Glenn Morshower.

Metallo joins a rapidly growing list of guest stars for Season 2 including Lex Luthor’s sister Lena (Katie McGrath), police officer Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima), Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez) and Mon-El (Chris Wood).

‘Supergirl’ premieres on The CW on October 10.  Until then, the network will be re-airing the first season which originally aired on CBS.

Are you excited that Metallo will be menacing the Super cousins on ‘Supergirl’ this season?

Source: Screen Rant