To an audience member, the finished product of a film looks, well, finished – nice and polished, edited well (usually), and it gives one the sense that if everything looks good now, then surely everything was fine during filming, right?  Those people who are a little more “in tune” with the industry know that this is not the case: many films have reshoots and re-edits, and in several cases actors have not gotten along with creative team members and vice versa.

Actors, directors, etc., have a tendency to show their displeasure in a variety of ways.  Some blow up on set, some rant and rave to the media, and some act generally subversive in a more lower-key fashion.  During the filming of the first ‘Avengers’ film, Jeremy Renner was, shall we say, less than pleased with how Hawkeye was utilized in the plot.  He decided to take his character’s fate into his own hands; as he recounted to the crowd at the London Film and Comic-Con:

“I never really told anybody this but in the first ‘Avengers…’ I was just getting to know who Hawkeye was, and then zap, I go round like a zombie, I’m like Loki’s minion. And I’m still not even sure who Hawkeye was at that point. So I’m a little frustrated, because I was so excited to figure out who Hawkeye was. I just had a heart attack in every scene – I’d just be walking with… Scarlett Johansson, and just like be ugh [clutching my chest]. And they said, ‘What are you doing man?’ I’m giving you an option, if you just want to kick me out of this movie. Just you know, at any given moment, if you wanna kill me off, daddy’s gonna be having a heart attack.

“I don’t really want him to die now. I really got to explore him a lot, and I can’t wait to explore him more, and there’s some really cool ideas coming up. Really cool ideas. Great deaths! Amazing ways to die.”

Obviously, Hawkeye’s role, both on the team and as a personal character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has grown substantially, but it certainly does make sense to hear his frustrations – as he mentioned, it was the first time that audiences were introduced to him, and he didn’t really get the chance to be himself at all.

We’ll see what’s in store for Hawkeye in the future with several more upcoming Avengers and MCU films; if anything, hopefully he just won’t die of a heart attack.

Source: Comic BookMovie

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