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In the crush of information that came out of last week’s San Diego Comic Con, it’s understandable that a few tidbits here and there got… well, overlooked.  Today, however, we humbly admit that we neglected to cover a fairly big and fun piece of Star Trek news – a mistake we’ll correct right now!

IDW Comics is releasing a two-part story, told in consecutive issues, that will bring the 60-issue run of their current ‘Star Trek’ series to a close.  That series, focusing on the “Prime Universe” characters as audiences have known and loved them since the 1960s, will see their tales wrapped up in style – with a crossover featuring their counterparts from the “Kelvin Universe” that JJ Abrams brought to the big screen via his rebooted films that began back in 2009 and recently saw the release of the third film in the series, ‘Star Trek Beyond.’

Now, before you go total-geek-out on us, it is important to note that, even though the storyline involves the two crews, the crews themselves never actually meet one another – rather, a strange cosmic phenomenon puts each crew on the other’s version of The Enterprise, and they have to adjust to their new strange-but-familiar surroundings to be able to reverse things and get back to their “home” universe.  As IDW Publishing Editor Sarah Gaydos put it during a SDCC panel, “Problems are solved with science, and problems are solved with teamwork.  This is a story that emphasizes that.”

The two-part tale obviously takes place before the events of ‘Star Trek Beyond.’  IDW will be relaunching the Star Trek series in October as ‘Star Trek: Boldly Go,’ and the focus of the series will shift to the Kelvin Universe characters.  Below is IDW’s description of the first part of the story, issue #59, which is in stores now.


It’s the penultimate chapter in the latest Five Year Mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise, as Captain Kirk and the crew encounter… themselves? Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of STAR TREK with this all-new story that brings two timelines together!

Source: THR

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