Until the seventh season trailer drops for ‘The Walking Dead‘ drops we won’t have much to go on for the upcoming seventh season or if they’ll be continuing to follow the comic book’s storyline, but these new character posters are here to remind us how the sixth came to a close. The 11 new posters have dropped to remind us all of Negan‘s potential victims and each include a new shot of his best friend, Lucille.

So who will it be out of Aaron, Rosita, Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Abraham, Glenn, Eugene, Daryl, Carl, and Sasha that ends up biting the big one? Well, I’ll share my thoughts on that in just a moment but first, here are the potential cast members who could be written off of the show when it returns.












Now just about everyone knows at this point who ended up dying in the comics. If you don’t though, there is a quick spoiler ahead.


It was Glenn. Glenn dies in the comics and while they have been showing hints of this grisly demise for him I think that as the show starts back up we’re going to see Abraham getting the bat to the head. He is already dead in the comic as a certain arrow actually pierced his head instead of the good Doctor’s and his arc has been coming to a close.

Only, I think after Abraham we’ll still end up seeing Glenn die. He’ll probably try to fight back at this point or say something after Negan told them all to be quiet and be taken out as well. I think that the big twist that showrunners have promised us that will make this worthwhile won’t be just one death but two.

While ‘The Walking Dead’ panel will be kicking off Friday, July 22 at 1 p.m. PT in Hall H at SDCC 2016, I doubt they’ll be letting us know who dies and if a trailer is released it will probably focus on a single character living or those who aren’t currently being held by Negan.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘The Walking Dead’ or are you annoyed with how they left the season off? Who do you think will be ended by Lucille? Share your thoughts below!

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