If you can’t get enough of short horror stories then you’ll be happy to hear that Crypt TV’s ‘Slice of Summer’ will be debuting on Chiller Network on July 29th at 9pm. The series is being brought to us by Eli Roth and Jack Davis who created the Crypt TV brand. ‘Slice of Summer’ is set to bring us an ongoing set of short horror films brought together by filmmakers from all over the world.

The initial lineup includes:

John William Ross’ ‘The Thing in the Apartment’
This short will follow two friends who quickly find that there is something dwelling in the house aside from them.

The McCoubrey brothers’ ‘The Grey Matter’
Moving into science fiction horror, we’ll see this one have an office worker waking up in an alley only to find out that they are covered in blood! We don’t know what happened but he does end up getting “the attention of his beautiful coworker” and while things seem to be going well for him, something is quite clearly very wrong.

James Webber’s ‘The Prey’
Coming in from the UK we have a succubus who is trapped in an alley with someone attacking her. Unfortunately for him, she isn’t the damsel in distress that he was hoping to corner. Not only that, but she’s hungry!

Black Rice and Mark E. Davidson’s ‘Meridians’
If your muscles are sore you may end up at a masseuse but this is one you don’t want to visit. She works with a virtual black market who takes advantage of her clients “to supply buyers on the dark web with the disturbing goods they seek.”

Jason Kupfer’s ‘Invaders’
The final installment of the initial run that we have details on shows us two thieves who made the mistake of breaking into the wrong house whose owner is far more than they bargained for.

The Crypt TV brand currently delivers over 20 million views a month and is constantly growing. This new output for shorts on the Chiller network will only increase viewer levels as the network itself can be watched in over 40 million homes at this time.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Slice of Summer’? Do you think more horror shorts will be worth checking out or would you rather skip this on your television? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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