WARNING: Major (Potential) Spoiler Ahead for ‘Rogue One’ !!

Well, despite all the secrecy and NDA’s signed by cast and crew for the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ movies, eventually it was bound to happen that a major spoiler would eventually slip out. The poor soul getting the blame for this particular slip-up is actor Jiang Wen, a newcomer to the series (although technically, everyone in ‘Rogue One’ is a newcomer), who let slip a possible plot point during a panel at ‘Star Wars Celebration’ in London this past weekend. Whether or not it really is a spoiler can be left up to your own interpretation, but the fact that the panel moderator Gwendolyn Christie quickly tries to move past the topic and the reaction of co-star Alan Tudyk certainly make it seem like Wen let something slip he should not have. Check out the video for yourself below, and look for the spoiler from Wen around the 22:20 mark:

So the spoiler in question is the fact that during comments about Wen’s character’s relationship with Donnie Yen’s character (Rebel warrior Churrit Imwe), he says the following, revealing the fate of Churrit Imwe.

“And when this guy dead I do something better.”

Yes, I know, it’s not exactly earth-shattering news that a new character we have no attachment to yet will be dying over the course of this film. However, any prior knowledge to one of the ‘Star Wars’ films is seen as a big deal nowadays, as Disney/ Lucasfilm have been keeping a very close lid on all plot information about these movies, which is how most of us went into ‘The Force Awakens’ with no idea what was going to happen. I almost feel bad for Jiang Wen, as he is sure to get some flack from the company for releasing that information, and I feel even worse knowing that English is not his first language, and he might not have let that information slip had he been speaking in his native tongue.

What are your thoughts on Wen’s spoiler? Will it actually affect the movie for you? Or do you think it is not that big a deal? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend