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Like that cute person in your college class that you never mustered the courage to talk to, some things in life just feel unresolved, no matter how many years go by.  While the great cartoons of the 1980s had their fair share of crossovers, both at the time and later on in other forms of media (comic books, novels, video games, what have you), it always felt like two of the heavy hitters, He-Man of ‘Masters of the Universe’ and Lion-O of ‘The Thundercats,’ should have teamed up to fight intergalactic injustice but never did.  Well, it may be three decades later, but we’re happy to report that we can finally check this one off the list!

The Masters of the Universe and The Thundercats will be teaming up this Fall for a six-issue crossover comic event, thanks to the fine folks at DC Entertainment.  Here’s the description of what we can expect, straight from the folks at DC:

In his eternal desire to destroy the mighty ThunderCats, the evil Mumm-Ra quests for a weapon that can rival the legendary Sword of Omens: He-Man’s Sword of Power! But his dimension-spanning scheme launches a cataclysmic crisis that will, for the first time ever, unite Lion-O, Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, WilyKit and WilyKat with He-Man, Battlecat, Teela, Man-At-Arms and the rest of the Masters of the Universe.

DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras said of the event: “The Masters of the Universe and the ThunderCats are both global phenomena, beloved by millions. Teaming them up for one enormous story will prove to be a publishing event that fans simply cannot miss. This is something that transcends both comic book and pop culture.”

Rob David, who serves as Mattel’s Head Writer and the Lead Creative power for the Masters of the Universe property, will co-write the series with Lloyd Goldfine.  Freddie E. Williams II will handle interior and cover art duties, and he’s got experience with mega-franchises, having done artwork duties on both Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle properties previously for DC.  “For everyone out there who took different action figures and teamed them up to take on the world, this one’s for you,” said David.

‘He-Man/Thundercats’ #1 debuts in comic shops everywhere on October 5, 2016.

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