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Among the myriad things wrong with ‘Arrow’ Season 4, the best visual example has to be the weird, Magneto-esque helmet they gave John Diggle to wear whenever he was out fighting crime during the season. Being that they claimed it was a Cisco (from ‘The Flash’) designed helmet, I kept waiting for it to have some kind of technology built into it that would have enhanced Diggle in some way while he was out being a vigilante. But the season progressed and the helmet did…. nothing. It was just a weirdly shaped helmet. No HUD capabilities, no special shielding, or targeting array, or built-in communication devices. It was just a helmet. And I was disappointed, and could not believe that they would give him such a weird helmet for no other reason than someone thought it looked cool.

Now we are hearing (from David Ramsay himself, during the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest 2016) that in “Season 5, you will see a Cisco-created new mask for Diggle”, only this time I am a lot more skeptical. It had better be more practical looking, and at least allow John the benefit of peripheral vision, or else it would be nice if it did have some of those HUD capabilities like the ATOM suit, (or the Iron Man suit in the MCU). And since we have heard the Green Arrow’s costume will also be given an upgrade this season, it would be nice if Diggle’s new mask meant the man was getting a few uniform improvements other than losing that original helmet as well, as Diggle’s whole vigilante suit last year was basically a leather jacket, dark pants, and that wonky helmet, and it would be cool to see him land a few other gadgets, or even just bits of armor, to help him while out with the Green Arrow.

What are your thoughts on John getting a new mask this year? Do you like the Spartan persona, and agree it needs more to be an actual superhero costume? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!

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