John Carpenter has been pretty vocal ever since his return to the ‘Halloween‘ franchise, from his complaints about ‘Friday the 13th‘ and now a disdain for ‘The Walking Dead’. That’s right, the top rated show on television that also is the hit series filled with zombies is a series that Carpenter just isn’t a fan of.

We learned of this when Carpenter was recently on the show ‘WTF Podcast with Marc Maron‘ where the horror genre in general was brought up. One area was of course where Rick Grimes and company call home.

So what did he have to say about Robert Kirkman’s smash hit?

“[The Walking Dead] was a movie that George Romero made back in 1968. And they have milked that, and they are still milking it.”

While it can be easily argued that all modern forms of the zombie, slow or fast, are unoriginal due to Romero creating them in the first place, that would also mean that every masked slasher movie following Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ shouldn’t have been made. Of course, with his thoughts on ‘Friday the 13th’ being publically known that might partially be an extension of the argument that he was already making there. There are plenty of solid reasons people don’t enjoy the show such as a lack of the undead, too much drama, not enough action. For the simple fact that it has zombies though which have already been done really feels like a wasted shot at the number one show on television.

Love or hate ‘The Walking Dead’ do you think that the reason Carpenter listed is a fair one to use or should his complaints be about the actual content’s own merits or lack thereof instead? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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