Not revealing in the way that Ash might like when it comes to women but it does put a huge potential twist on a twist that we’ve already seen on the show when it returns this Fall for the next 10-episode run of the second season.

You’ve been warned!

So, first up here is the image that was released on social media around the world:


By itself, it could almost just look like a major cast image which doesn’t have any major changes on the show. However, the caption mixes things up a little as it states: “The Ghostbeaters are ready for Season 2. Hope Evil likes it rough.”

Interesting enough it was revealed that Lucy Lawless’s character Ruby was actually one of the bad guys all along. Her plan had been to recover the Necronomicon and release Hell on Earth so it seems very strange that they are now going to be working with her to stop some evil. This being the ‘Evil Dead’ though there is always possession, mind control, an alternate reality version, or an evil doppelganger that could have been in play. I’m sure we’ll either find out pretty quickly when the show returns for the second season or that the caption only meant Ash’s actual associates.

What are your thoughts on the latest cast image from ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’? Do you think that Ruby will end up good in some aspect going forward? Share your thoughts below!

‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Will Be Returning To Starz To Rid The World Of The Deadite Plague In The Fall Of 2016!

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