Binderspink, the Hollywood production company of Chris Bender, JC Spink, and Jake Weiner, has just optioned Jimmy Palmiotti’s ‘The New West’ comic book for a movie adaptation. ‘The New West’ is published by Black Bull Media, written by Jimmy Palmiotti (DC’s ‘All-Star Western’) and illustrated by Phil Noto (‘Jonah Hex’).

The two-issue comic series is set in a future LA where an electromagnetic pulse has caused all technology to stop working. In this new world, disgraced LA detective Daniel Wise races to save a kidnapped mayor using the only supplies at his disposal… a horse and a sword.

Black Bull Media originated in 2000 as the comic publishing arm of Wizard Entertainment, so it’s no surprise that Binderspink has teamed up with Gareb Shamus, the former founder of Wizard to help bring ‘The New West’ to fruition. ‘The New West’ isn’t Binderspink’s only foray into the comic film world. The company produced ‘A History of Violence’ starring Viggo Mortensen (‘Lord of the Rings’), which was based on a Vertigo comic graphic novel of the same name. Binderspink has also paired with Arcana Comics to create comics that are specificially designed for screen adaptation.

I haven’t read ‘The New West’ but I am a long-time fan of Palmiotti’s work on ‘Jonah Hex’ and ‘All-Star Western’ so I have no doubt that it is a good two-fisted Western tale and one that I’ll be looking into now that a movie is on the way. Stay tuned for more info as we get it!