‘The Lego Movie’ was such a smashing success that it should come as no surprise that just like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe we see Warner Brothers wanting to get in on the action as they are bringing ‘Minecraft‘ to the big screen. In fact, we also know that the most popular world-building game out there is getting its cinematic debut on May 25th, 2019! Much like ‘The Lego Movie’ one has to wonder what possible direction you could go here but with how out of the box Awesome that one was, there really is a lot of potential for something great.

You know, this could really be a hit assuming they don’t take away the light hearted fun like they did with DC’s Cinematic Universe compared to Marvel’s. With all of the world building Warner Brothers likes to do, it almost seems like building towards a crossover between Minecraft and Lego should be something that they are exploring. Going with a darker concept doesn’t pay off as box office numbers have shown and the future crossover potential is so huge I would hate to see it wasted. My concern on this is that previously producer Roy Lee stated that they are “…going for “the same target audience as ‘Jurassic World” is that we’re going to be getting something darker or more violent here instead of a movie that could be enjoyed by all audiences.

Thankfully the series has Rob McElhenney (‘Pariah’,’Danny DeVito & the Contract’) set to direct and while he hasn’t done anything for the big screen yet he is well versed in humor from all of his work on ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we ended up hearing him do some voice acting of one of the characters as well.

Still, they have three years to figure it out and at least they aren’t trying to put this one out against Marvel’s ‘Infinity War’ or Disney’s ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ which are both due out the same year as they would doom the series before it even had a chance to start.

Are you looking forward to ‘Minecraft’? What aspects of the video game do you think it will bring to the big screen? Are we going to be in for a fun time like ‘The Lego Movie’ which is the obvious comparison or will we be getting something else entirely? Share your thoughts below!

‘Minecraft’ will be building it’s way onto the big screen on May 25th, 2019!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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