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As we ‘Doctor Who‘ fans slog through a 2016 that is practically devoid of any new episodes of the show – only the end-of-year Christmas Special will keep us from seeing any new DW this calendar year, as showrunners have decided not to air a new season – we’re getting more than a little starved for any news or info relevant to the show.  Earlier this year,  we posted an article about ways that fans can get new ‘Who‘ aside from the TV series. Recently, Steven Moffat, current showrunner of the long-time British sci-fi/comedy series, talked about some of the achievements and challenges he has seen during his time helming ‘Doctor Who,’  When the conversation turned to the most recent season, Moffat owned up to a spot where he felt as if he had dropped the ball:

“First episodes are tough, and I feel as though I slightly fumbled it last year by not having a ‘new thing’ in ‘The Magician’s Apprentice.’  It was the same Doctor, same companion… you want to persuade people to tune in because a brand new thing is happening.”

In terms of the upcoming tenth season of the revived series, Moffat previously spoke about the vibe he’s going for – as previously reported, it will be his final season running the show before handing the duties over to new showrunner Chris Chibnall.  Here’s a tidbit about what Moffat had to say about the series’ new companion, Bill, in addition to what we should expect in store for us with this year’s Christmas Special:

We’ll introduce [Bill] in the first episode of 2017, and she’ll run through that [season].  She’ll not be in Christmas [2016], because that would blow the series launch…  so there’ll be somebody else – a different, guest companion – this Christmas, like how River Song played the companion role in last year’s Special.”

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