Something big happened on Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones‘ titled “Home” and Kit Harington was asked to weight in on it. Obviously, if you haven’t watched the episode that means there is a big spoiler coming below. If you want to turn back now you still have time but be warned the big reveal of what happened will be right after the image below. Sorry folks, it isn’t the return of Sean Bean as Eddard Stark as the spoiler image might make us all wish was the case.


You’re still with me. Either you’ve seen the episode or don’t care about reading a big reveal early. So what happens that Harington is being brought in on? Well, this one is a surprise that I’m sure NO ONE expected. That’s right folks…

Jon Snow is back among the living!

Shock. Outrage. Amazement.

Wait. You’re telling me everyone out there including the writers on this site, myself included, all saw it coming? Jeez HBO. Way to not surprise us at all! Okay, honestly thank you for not going ‘The Walking Dead’ route and make us wait half a season for Snow’s return. I’m honestly super thankful that you brought him back at the end of the episode and not giving us weeks of frustrated annoyances that he is just going to be a corpse.

Yes, many of us called it and knew The Lord Commander would be brought back to life by Melisandre and thankfully we were happily delivered what we’ve been waiting for.

Here is the video interview with Harington about what he went through after having to stay acting by telling everyone that his character was, in fact, dead:

There you have it, Jon Snow is back! I really can’t say that any of us are surprised though if anything it was just in a good way that we got the news so early. I’m really hoping we’ll find out more of where they are going with his resurrection next week.

So fellow fans, are you glad that Jon Snow is back? Do you appreciate that this wasn’t something we had to wait for all season? Do you think we’ll get much more of his story arc in the coming episodes or will he be put on the back burner to tease us some more? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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