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NBC’s ‘Powerless‘ just gained a new superhero, and it looks like it is going to be DC Cult hero and Global Guardian Jack O’Lantern, a fact which was confirmed by the cast of the show to DC All Access. So far, the quirky comedy about insurance adjustors helping regular people deal with the fall-out of superheroes and their battles with villains was already set to have Justice League Europe member Crimson Fox appear, but now it seems we will be gifted with two superheroes on the series (though I am sure there will be more, even if most of them end up being DC’s B and C-List heroes. But who knows? At one point in time Iron Man was considered a B-List hero, and look at him now).

For those of you unaware of who exactly Jack O’Lantern is or what his powers are (do not worry, I was also in that camp), he is a hero whose powers come from a mystical lantern (think Green Lantern, but more magical), with the lantern granting its wielder fairy abilities like energy projection, the ability to fly, illusions, teleportation, fog creation, and super-strength. The character was created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon in 1977, and made his first appearance in ‘Super Friends #8’ of the same year, and joined the main DC Comic-Book Universe five years later in ‘DC Comics Presents #46,’ which was also written by Bridwell. Also of note is the fact that there have been numerous Jack O’Lanterns over the years, though fans are claiming the most likely version of Jack to appear on ‘Powerless’ will be Daniel Cormac, the original Jack O’Lantern, mainly because he was known to work in Paris, which is also where Crimson Fox hails from.

What are your thoughts on DC pulling out Jack O’Lantern for ‘Powerless?’ Is it a cop-out that we might never see the truly popular DC heroes on the show, just a bunch of heroes most people have never heard of before? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

Source: Comic Book

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