When season 12 of ‘Supernatural‘ kicks back up there are going to be a lot of fans of the series eagerly turning in to see what actually happened from that cliffhanger of the finale. Obviously, there is a big spoiler here so if you somehow aren’t quite caught up with ‘Supernatural’ yet you should turn back now as there is a huge spoiler from the final scenes of the season below.


Okay if you’re still with me you’re either caught up or don’t care so I feel safe that we can continue.

Sam’s fate is up in the air as last we saw Lady Toni from the Men of Letters had a gun trained on him and when the two wouldn’t give in to her demands she fired a shot as the screen went black. We don’t know if the bullet killed Sam, injured him, or was fired as a warning shot but the actors are opening up with Jared Padalecki quite openly stating that:

“She shot him. I don’t know where, but I know she shot him. What else is new – Sam gets injured. At least I’m not getting tortured – yet.”

So Sam is injured though most likely not dead as it seems a bit far-fetched to write him off of the show at this point.

Jensen Ackles had a bit to add as well going off the introduction of Dean’s mother:

“I’m anxious to see how that [surprise return] pans out. [My reaction] was kind of like, ‘What’s going to happen now? How is this going to work out?’

With Padalecki chiming in that:

“I love [Mary’s portrayer] Samantha Smith. So I was like, ‘We get Sam back! That’s awesome!’. My reaction as a fan of the show was, ‘What a cool show to be a part of where we can do that and get away with it.’ [That] and I was just really stoked.”

There are some huge happenings going on in the world of ‘Supernatural’ when it returns this Fall and I suspect we’re only scratching the surface of what it is all going to mean.

How do you think that Dean’s mother will change the course of the show with her return? Do you think that Sam will be out of commission for long? Share your thoughts below!

‘Supernatural’ returns to The CW for its 12th season on Thursday, October 13th at 9/8c

Source: TV Line

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