star-trek-beyond-poster-international-384x600Throughout his panel at Denver Comic Con, Karl Urban was enthusiastic about the new ‘Star Trek Beyond’ coming out, directed by Justin Lin.

“You are going to love this movie,” he stated, and then he when into how much more we are going to see of Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

In the previous two movies, he was more about metaphors and quips, but Urban said that we are going to see a much more well-rounded character in the movie. We are going to see sides of him we haven’t seen in the movies yet, ranging from his fears, his courage, to his loyalty, and so much more. There will be meaningful interactions that explore his relationship with both Kirk and Spock.

Of course, getting to play his character with more depth and substance is exciting. But he tells us too look forward to ‘Star Trek Beyond‘ for a lot of other reasons.

For example, he stated that writers, Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, were very open to collaboration. The actors could pitch ideas, and often times they end up in the script. After that, there was a constant refining process to make a truly incredibly movie. Justin Lin, also brought so much to the table with his evident talents, but also because he knows The Original Series inside and out.

“You’re in for a treat,” Urban told the crowd.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ is the third installment of the revamped ‘Star Trek’ series starring Chris Pines, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, and Simon Pegg. It will play in US theaters July 22nd.