SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses ‘The Flash’ Season Two’s finale, so if you are behind, you may wish to turn back.

Even though ‘The Flash’ is only going into its third season, with decades worth of comic book stories to still mine, it looks like the producers are tapping one of the most recent stories for the upcoming Season Three: ‘Flashpoint’.

The news follows the startling Season Two finale, which saw Barry (Grant Gustin) traveling backward in time to fix the greatest tragedy of his life, which will surely have several ‘Butterfly Effect’-like ramifications when the show comes back this fall.

This reveal came from Gustin’s own Twitter account:

Though the “Flarrowverse” has expanded rapidly to include many DC super heroes and villains, the original ‘Flashpoint’ comic book story was an all-encompassing DC Universe story, which featured the world torn by a war between Atlantis, led by Aquaman, and Themyscira, governed by Wonder Woman and a Batman that turned out to be Thomas Wayne avenging the death of his son, Bruce.  There were also dozens of twisted, alternate reality versions of other DC characters as well, including recurring character Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller, most recently seen on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’) who was a major super hero, Citizen Cold.  Miller’s Leonard Snart was seemingly killed off on ‘Legends’ but it was already announced that he will return as a recurring character, though not part of ‘Legends’ S2.

Obviously, the TV interpretation of this story will be considerably stripped down.  There have been references to Atlantis, but many presumed that we would never see a TV version of Aquaman, since he is starring in a film and most DC characters in the movies are off-limits to the shows.  But with Superman coming to ‘Supergirl’, maybe things are changing.

One worrisome note is that Season Two was already heavy with dramatically different parallel universe versions of several characters, including regulars Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco Ramon/Reverb (Carlos Valdes), just to name two.  Is it maybe time to give the alternate realities a rest and try something new?

But what do you think?  Are you excited to see ‘Flashpoint’ brought to live action?  What characters would you most like to see?

Source: Entertainment Weekly