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Another actor has signed on for the reboot of ‘It‘ as Owen Teague (‘Bloodline’,’Wild in Blue’) will be playing one of the boys who torture ‘The Loser’s Club’ in the film. This will be the second King project that he’s been attached to as he also has a role in ‘Cell‘ which is set to be released later this year.

Teague will be joining Jaeden Lieberher who is the leader of The Loser’s Club and his primary target of harassment as well as Bill Skarsgard who is heading up the role of Pennywise. New Line Cinema seems to be on a roll for talent with who director Andy Muschietti is pulling in for the first of the two films on the big screen adaptation.

In the film, Teague is playing Patrick Hocksetter. Patrick isn’t just one of the bullies who is harassing the Losers Club but is also a full on sociopath. We’re talking the kind that actually enjoys not just killing animals but has a refrigerator full of his trophies.

The first movie will follow the childhoods of the Losers Club as they deal with these bullies and have to go up against It, or Pennywise, and bring him down. The second flashes forward to the future as these friends are now adults and with no memories of what they went through as the kids must band together once more to defeat Pennywise for good. Joining Lieberher in the Losers Club will be Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, and Jeremy Ray Taylor.

Do you think that Owen Teague has the look to be the perfect bully for the Losers Club prior to their having to see what a real monster is? Share your thoughts below!

Pennywise will be haunting theaters in Stephen King’s ‘It’ Part 1 on September 8th, 2017!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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