The first big draw for Comic-Con HQ, the subscription video-on-demand service of Comic-Con has just been revealed to be ‘Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest’! We recently learned that AMC was developing ‘Heroes and Villains: The History of Comic Books‘ so it only seems right that Comic-Con HQ would be lining up to give us one about collectibles. The show will be joining the second season of ‘Con Man‘ on the network which is one of the few announced projects at this time. Hamill won’t just be hosting the show but is set to executive produce it with ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ producer Howard Kazanjian.

Production on the series is set to begin this coming June when Hamill returns from filming ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ in the UK. We won’t have a long wait for it either as the series is set to debut this Fall. In it, we’ll have Hamill meeting with passionate fans with extensive collections and showing them off to the world.

Not just an icon in the science fiction genre, Hamill has been a pop culture geek and collector since the 70’s and this is the perfect opportunity to share his passion and expertise with fellow fans. One can only hope that these collectors he ends up meeting don’t ask for autographs on any Luke Skywalker toys that they might have sitting around.

You can see Mark announcing the new series in the teaser below!

According to Hamill:

I’ve been a collector all my life. This show is a natural outgrowth of that passion. Now I have an opportunity to collect other people’s collections! I can’t wait to see what’s out there and share it with the world. Collectibles are a living history of who and what we are, so we just might learn something…but there’s no doubt we’re going to have fun!

Comic-Con HQ’s EVP and General Manager Seth Laderman adds:

From the moment I started talking with Mark about this idea over three years ago, his enthusiasm was infectious. It had such an impact on me that after I came to Comic-Con HQ, my first call was to him and his team about how to bring this show to our community. Passion is at the heart of all of our original series, with a goal to allow innovators like Mark the opportunity to create and bring their ideas to life. We couldn’t be happier to help Mark’s show find a home.

An idea that is three years in the making and should appear to fellow geeks and collectors out there sounds great to me! This will be an opportunity to see some of the rarer memorabilia that has been created.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest’? Are there any collections or specific collectibles you’d love to see Hamill take a look at? Sound off below!