We have some bad news for fans of ‘The Exorcist‘ as the second season is shaking up its cast and losing one of its best actors at the same time. We know that the priests played by Alfonso Herrera, Kurt Egyiawan, and Ben Daniels are all set to return for another demonic possession but a few fan-favorite actors will be out of the picture.

As a new case is the focus of the series, we’ll see our priests no longer helping the Rance family as they no longer have the same problem. That, of course, means that Geena Davis, Alan Ruck, Hannah Kasulka, and Brianne Howey will be off the show as series regulars. I wouldn’t put it past the studio on a couple of guest appearances either right off the bat or from one of the priests checking in on the family, but they won’t be having a significant role going forward.

We know that Executive Producer Jeremy Slater had previously stated that for the first season he planned “to tell a story with a beginning, a middle and an end and that story was the possession of the Rance family” though “that doesn’t mean we won’t see the Rance family again.” As I doubt a second possession would work with the Rance family without just being a gimmick, I’m pretty sure the only way that they’d be involved is in a cameo capacity.

No word on what we’ll see in the second season as of yet, but Slater did mention that the plan “would be to come up with a new storyline that was just as exciting and emotionally gripping.”

Have you been enjoying ‘The Exorcist’ so far? Are you sad to hear that Geena Davis and the rest of the Rance family won’t be returning to reprise their roles? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line

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