Truth.  Justice.  The American Way.  These are all the ideals of… a secret criminal organization?  Not on the surface, really – but beneath the surface is where secrets lie, and the Marvel Universe just got its socks rocked off in the new issue of ‘Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.’  In it, the star-spangled, All-American hero puts readers’ jaws on the floor when he utters the two words that, since the recent happenings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have become universally known as standard bad-guy code: “Hail Hydra!”

If you’re like me or Kyle’s Mom from ‘South Park,’ you’re likely saying “What what what?!?!” right about now.  Well yes, this is a real thing: Steve Rogers is an agent of Hydra, the long-standing evil organization that he’s supposedly been fighting against since World War II.  Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort explained a bit about the situation in a recent interview – along with confirming that this IS actually Steve Rogers we’re talking about, not some convenient comic-book out (clone, shape-shifting alien, Gwen Stacy in disguise, you know the usual options).  Here’s what Brevoort had to say on the matter:

We knew it would be like slapping people in the face.  His mission is to further the goals and beliefs of Hydra… if that involves taking down the Marvel universe, sure. (But) it may not be as simple as that. It’s not like he’s exchanged his white hat for a black hat — it’s a green hat.”

Headwear coloration aside, Brevoort goes on to note that the timing seemed to be right to flip an American icon on its head:

“Having this go on in the middle of this odd and offbeat and contentious presidential primary process — and all of the stuff going on in the world right now — we guessed right. This in a sense feels more relevant right now than it would have a year ago.  [The story] will go to some scary and shocking places if it hasn’t already.”

Adding to the odd mix of confusion and excitement is the fact that this information about Cap is known only to the readers, and not to the denizens of the Marvel Universe.  As Brevoort says, “Any cover with Steve Rogers takes on a slightly different dimension because you have information that no one else in that picture has.”

‘Captain America: Steve Rogers #1’ goes on sale today, May 25, 2016.


Source: USA Today

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